Scientific Committee

The Committee assists the work of the Board of Directors. It shall report whenever requested by the Board or by a majority of its members on specific matters. It consists of members of the Greek scientific and academic community, experts and professionals of recognized standing who are active in the Region or in fields related to the scope of the Company. Its members are appointed by the Board of Directors.


  • Dr. Barouchas Pantelis, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Technology Department, T.E.I. of Western Greece

Vice President:

  • Dr. Manousopoulos Ioannis, Head of the Plant Protection Institute of Patras, ELGO DIMITRA


  • Varotsos Andreas, Agronomist-Economist, organic farmer, President of Enosi Viokalliergiton Ilias
  • Dr. Theodoridis Prokopis, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras
  • Dr. Katechaki Eleutheria, Chemist, Head of Research Department, Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union
    • Deputy: Karvelas Michalis, Chemist MSc, MBA
  • Katris Ioannis, Head of Integrated Solutions design and implementation (Software and Hardware), A.P. Enosi Agriniou
  • Dr. Klapa Maria, Second Grade Researcher, Head of Επικεφαλής του Laboratory of Metabolic Engineering and Systemic Biology, ICE-HT
    • Deputy: Dr. Drakopoulos Vasileios, First Grade S.O.S., ICE-HT
  • Dr. Kontogeorgos Achilleas, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras
  • Dr. Lamari Foteini,  Associate ProfessorLaboratory of Pharmacognosy & Chemistry of Natural Products, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Head of AROMAHUB Innovation Hub
    • Deputy: Dr. Vantarakis Apostolos, Associate Professor of Hygiene, Department of Medicine, University of Patras
  • Dr. Michalopoulos Vasileios, Head of Agricultural Economy Adminstration and Secretary of the Agrifood Partnership Board of Directors, Western Greece Region
  • Paraskevopoulos Panagiotis, Agronomist, Western Greece Region
  • Dr. Serpanos Dimitrios, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras, Head of I.S.I.
  • Tsibri Iro, General Director, – ACHAIA Anaptyksiaki S.A,
    • Deputy: Boutopoulos Panagiotis, Agronomist – ACHAIA Anaptyksiaki S.A,
  • Dr. Tsaknis Ioannis, Professor, Department of Food Technology, TEI of Athens
  • Dimakis Alexandros, Chemist – Bussiness Consultant