The purposes of the Company are beneficial to the public and these will be achieved without the distribution of profits to its partners, which will be reinvested by decision of the General Assembly.
The main aims of the Company are the display and promotion of agri-food products produced in the administrative boundaries of the Region, the regional, national and international markets as well as the provision of support and promotion services to the Operational Plan for the Development of the Agricultural and Agri-Food Sector will be updated on the basis of the decisions of the Regional Council.
The Agrifood Partnership aims to promote and promote local agricultural and agri-food products in domestic and international markets through the development or enhancement of existing common and unified mechanisms and initiatives by other actors (farmers, collective bodies, private bodies, etc.) and on the other hand to strengthen the local supply chain by providing technical and counseling support to the primary and manufacturing industry and taking initiatives that will help increase th ‘demand’ of local products by the residents and visitors of the Region.

More specifically, the Company’s aims are:
• The, in every legitimate way, showing and presentation of the benefits of local and Mediterranean Diet
• Improving the recognition and, by extension, demand for agri-food products in Western Greece.
• Preserving traditional and healthy food standards.
• Reducing the distance between producers / consumers.
• To promote & promote local high quality and security products with strong competitive advantages of locality and cultural heritage.
• Encouraging the extroversion of enterprises in the agri-food sector of the Region.
• Strengthening the creation of start-ups and innovative enterprises in the agri-food sector.
• The creation of synergies between the agricultural / livestock / fisheries and manufacturing sectors of the Region.
• Creating synergies between the agri-food sector and the Region’s focus and tourism sector
• The development and diffusion of research and innovation in the production, processing and marketing of agri-food products
• The rescue and promotion of local varieties and breeds, which in many cases are threatened with extinction.
• Educational support and increased employment opportunities for human resources in the rural and agri-food sector of the Region
• To promote and promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices at all stages of the production and processing of agri-food products
• Maintaining the local rural heritage and the natural rural environment
• Keeping track of developments and trends in consumer nutritional preferences in domestic and international markets – Targets
• Recognition, study and action to address issues related to the organization and operation of the agri-food sector of the Region
• The active involvement of the Agri-Food Partnership in the European Innovation Partnerships, to implement, through Measure 16 of the RDP 2014-2020, co-funded business plans for Georgia’s productivity and sustainability, the development of short supply chains and the creation farmers’ markets.