President’s Greeting

I welcome you to the website of the Agri-Food Partnership of Western Greece.
A network of about 90 institutions and businesses of the agri-food chain and tourism in Western Greece that are part of a serious effort.

An effort that aims to cover, using a modern approach and efficiency, the need to create a new dynamic in the agri-food sector of our Region and its interconnection with the domestic and international market.
Our goal and desire is that Agri-Food Partnership will be the main tool of the Region of Western Greece in the promotion and distribution of our agricultural products, the interconnection and development of synergies between our agri-food sector, tourism and catering, as well as the encouragement and support of extroversion of the agri-food sector in our region.
To this end, we are uniting our forces and moving forward with preparation, good intentions and with the greatest possible consensus.
The information you will find here depicts all the activities of our company, its institutions and committees and, at the same time, it is an information network for its actions.
Thank you all for your participation and cooperation and I would point out that every suggestion of yours will be valuable to us.

The President of the Agri-Food Partnership of Western Greece

Theodoros Vasilopoulos
Vice Regional Governor for Agricultural Development