The "Agrocart" of the Region of Western Greece is made up of typical products of the region. Typical products of the Region of Western Greece are:

  • The special local products, based on the strong identity and reputation of the region, and
  • The typical local products, which are based on specific methods of production and whose quality, reputation and other characteristics are to a large extent attributed to their geographical origin (Western Greece Region).

These products come either from the field of Crop Production or from the livestock sector or from the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector.

In addition, these products:

  • are linked to the region's dietary pattern
  • have sufficient production
  • are sustainable business and commercial, and
  • can be the spearhead for the development and extroversion of the region

The products that meet the above characteristics and make up the Agrocart of the Region of Western Greece were selected through the consultation and co-decision between the Regional Government and all the local actors (local communities, operators, producers, distribution networks, etc)