AgriFINoTRegion Marketplace Description

AgriFINoTRegion is a digital marketplace that offers farmers – members of the Agri-food Partnership – the opportunity to participate in an eshop where they can sell their products as well as digitally share useful information/services related to their work with various interested parties such as:

AgriFINoTRegion primarily offers 4 different services depending on the user:

By integrating the technologies of the dRural project and the Marketplace, each Agrifood Partnership Region will provide a website for its members to advertise and offer their products and services. This way, they can also create new services that utilize functionalities of QUHOMA (e.g., sensor data, harvest data,) from the innovative digital Smart Farming application developed and offered by Future Intelligence.
For members of the Agri-Food Partnership of Western Greece who want to create their own online store that will allow them to sell products on the AgriFINoTRegion Marketplace, they need to register at the link below.

For any question, guidance, comments and feedback you can contact the infrastructure manager at the following email and at the phone 2130417996.